‘fio’, a puzzle game

‘fio’ is a sliding block puzzle game with relaxing colors and a minimal style. As you play, you’ll be introduced to new mechanics that will challenge your logic skills.

The levels were carefully created to be challenging, but not too frustrating. If you put your mind to it, I know you’ll Figure It Out 🙂

  • Relaxing puzzle game for all ages
  • 60 handcrafted levels to unlock
  • Multiple mechanics to figure out
  • Calming, muted colors for easing eye strain
  • Minimal sound effects (with option to mute)
  • Available on phones and tablets
  • Colorblind mode

Stuck? Click here for hints!

About the game

fio started as a simple idea, and evolved over time to include multiple different play styles. The levels were carefully created (with feedback from my family) to be entertaining without the frustration that a lot of puzzle games seem to have. I think anyone should be able to beat the game with enough effort.

All code, graphics and sounds were created by one person. Your support means the world to me, so thank you so much for playing!

– Dustin

Press kit