Hints for fio

If you’re hung up on a level and just want to keep playing, here are some hints to get you back in the game! Not all levels have hints, and it’s possible that a hint still won’t help you progress. In this case, just shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to help you out!

Figure It Out πŸ™‚

Figure It Out πŸ™‚

Figure It Out πŸ™‚

Figure It Out πŸ™‚

The dots on the blocks are the key!

Both blocks only move 2 spaces, which passes up the corridor they need to enter. Move them back 1 tile first.

The 3 block needs to help the 4 block reach its goal first!

The 3 block is stuck, so use the 2 block to assist it. If the 2 block enters its goal first, you’ll have to restart!

So long as the 1 block is the last on the board, you can’t go wrong!

The 2 block needs to help the 4 block reach its goal first.

Solve the right goal first, as the notch at the bottom will let your remaining block reach its goal unassisted.

Figure It Out πŸ™‚

The colorless block can’t enter the goal, so use it to prevent the other one from moving too far.

Figure It Out πŸ™‚

Use the notches on the left side to swap a gray block for a colored one, then it will be able to reach its goal.

Figure It Out πŸ™‚
Sorry, I know this one is tough – just keep moving blocks around and you’ll get it!

Figure It Out πŸ™‚

Figure It Out πŸ™‚

Figure It Out πŸ™‚

Notice that the symbols on buttons correspond with symbols on powered tiles. You’ll need to push the “II” button at the top to enable your other tile to reach the bottom goal.

Figure It Out πŸ™‚

You’ll need the large block at the top to press button II and III.

Block move distance is crucial here. Your blocks will overshoot their targets unless you use other blocks to give them a boost. Pay attention to the dots on blocks.

Figure It Out πŸ™‚

Figure It Out πŸ™‚

You’ll need to free the colorless block first or you’ll get stuck!

Figure It Out πŸ™‚

It isn’t as scary as it looks! Time your moves to stop the top powered block from moving up when it wants to, then move your block (and its linked counterpart) to the left and into the goal.

Keep moving each group in a circular motion until the colored block finds an opening to the goal.

The bottom goal is the problem here. Remove it first and you’ll find things easier to navigate.

The tough part about this level is that pesky block at the very bottom, right? The trick is to move it all the way to the left, then back right so that the colored block is directly above it. Now move the colored block down and you’re golden!

Figure It Out πŸ™‚

Ah, the swapper. It trades colors with any colored block that crosses it. To beat this level, use the right block to trade its color with the swapper, then the left block to take that color and solve the goal.

You might need to move blocks off and on a swapper a couple times to get the color you need.

Two imprisoned blocks who can’t escape with their colors! If only they had a cellmate, maybe they could get out?

You figured out that moving the bottom block first was a mistake. Sorry about that, I hope it wasn’t too frustrating. To solve this, you’ll need to use the 2 block to help the 3 block reach the top with its color first.

A lot of people get hung up on this one. Start by observing what colored blocks you have and use the swappers to transfer their colors all the way to the top so the center block can bring it to the goal.

To do this, use the lowest horizontally-aligned block to move its color to the center, then use the (infinity) block to bring that color upwards. Now use the second horizontal block to steal that color away while the (infinity) block moves back down. If you repeat this process you’ll eventually get the correct color to the top swapper and be able to use the center block to bring it to the goal!

Keep the middle block where it is, and just use it to move left and right to help get the other blocks to their goals.

The way to the swappers is surprising, but once you figure out how to do the first one, the second will be easier.

Solve the bottom goal first.

Move blocks around the square in a clockwise order, filling in the nooks so that the next one won’t get stuck.

As you move the colored block toward its goal, you’ll need to shift other blocks to the side, around, and back behind it in order to make room.

Use the large backwards E block to transport smaller ones up and down to get the color they need.

There’s a tight square of blocks in the center that you need to get past. Shift its outer perimeter around like a clock to reveal an entrance at the top or bottom.

Once you’ve swapped for the color you need, try to get the left-most long vertical block down in the notch where the swapper is.

Figure It Out πŸ™‚

Don’t be scared! It’s really a lot less complicated than it looks. Just pay attention to which buttons affect which blocks (the symbols on blocks and buttons are meaningful), and the pattern that they follow. They will follow the tracks on the floor.

The two blocks will have to help each other out here or one will get stuck. Use one of them to hit a button and open the way for the other to get out. Once you have a block on either the top or bottom, look for a gap you can use to allow the two to trade places.

Figure It Out πŸ™‚

Study this one carefully before you start. You need to free the two trapped blocks at the top first, then use them to assist each other in entering the room where the goals are. Get the gray block out of that room before you solve any goals in it or you won’t be able to get your last block inside!

Work on the top area first, as this will allow you to solve the center goal, which is jamming up the bottom area.

You only need to move the three columns of blocks in the middle. Find a notch between gray blocks, then shift things around until you’re able to move to the bottom half of the board. Now move gray blocks back up to the top to free your path to the goal.

You’ll need two button presses to get to the swapper. The gray 2-dot block can help free the colored one.

The tall gray blocks are staggered, which makes them hard to move around. Try to get the neck-to-neck with each other and you’ll find it much easier to move a wide block up to the button.

Those immovable blocks can also pick up colors and solve goals πŸ™‚
Just save your movable one for last, as it’s the one letting you control the others!

Solve the top and bottom goals before attempting the corner goals, as these will require a team effort.

The gray (infinity) blocks are your key! Also note that the wide blocks obstructing your path will move two spots even if the colored block they are linked to cannot.

There’s no hint that will make this one easier, so I’ll just write my solution below. Stop reading now if you want to figure it out for yourself!

  1. Bottom block down
  2. Bottom block up
  3. Top block left
  4. Top block right
  5. Top block down
  6. Bottom block right
  7. Top block up
  8. Top block left
  9. Bottom block up (solve right goal)
  10. Top block right
  11. Top block down
  12. Bottom block right
  13. Bottom block left
  14. Top block up
  15. Top block left
  16. Bottom block down
  17. Top block right
  18. Top block down (solve left goal)

You’ll need to use the little notch on the bottom right to rearrange your 1×1 blocks in the correct order.

Final level! Just position the blocks in such a way that you can move the big, oddly shaped block to reveal the swappers beneath it.